Understanding Linkup Stealing Game

Linkup rewards are allocated based on whether you or your invitees hold sOLE. The presence of sOLE strengthens your/others position and increases/decreases your rewards.

Reward Distribution

  • Without sOLE: As a Direct Inviter, you receive 60% of the reward, with the 2nd Tier recipient earning 15%, and D1 retaining 25%.
  • Direct Inviter with sOLE: Elevate your claim to 75%, reducing the 2nd Tier’s share to 10%, and D1’s portion to 15%.
  • 2nd Tier with sOLE: If the invitee at the second tier holds sOLE, your share as a Direct Inviter is 50%, the 2nd Tier’s is a substantial 35%, and D1’s is 15%.
  • Both with sOLE: When both you and your invitee possess sOLE, you, as the Direct Inviter, take a dominant 70%, the 2nd Tier enjoys 20%, and D1’s share is minimized to 10%.

Fees and Rewards

  • Invitation and Payment: Use a unique code to join, and initiate your membership with a 0.005 ETH fee, which is instantly swapped into $OLE and distributed according to the reward structure mentioned above.
  • Rewards and Engagement: Upon joining, you are eligible to receive
    • gems, which are influenced by:
      • The assets you bridge over from ETH/stable coins.
      • Your level of influence on the X profile.
      • Your activities on

By leveraging your network and influence strategically, and possibly boosting your position with sOLE, you can maximize the rewards you reap from the Linkup system. It’s an ecosystem designed to reward active participation and the cultivation of a robust community on the D1 platform.